Register – IFBB Professional League Masters Pro Qualifier Japan 2024

  • If you are a foreign national competing from overseas, please follow the rules of your home country. IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier Rules
  • Register fee: $300 per category
  • About Backstage Pass
    Be sure to register your backstage pass along with your player registration.
    1 backstage pass: $150
    2 backstage pass: $300
    You will also receive a backstage pass at Athlete check-in on Aug 22th.
    Backstage pass reception will also be held on the 22th. (No need for supporters to be present at the registration desk.) Please note that there will be no registration on the day of the event.
  • For Women’s Physique and Classic Physique and Bodybuilding Competitors
    Posing routine for Women’s Physique and Classic Physique and Bodybuilding are not allowed. You will be asked to pose for 30 seconds to a song prepared by the FWJ, not to a CD brought by you.
  • 【Coloring companies】
  • There is no coloring in the venue. Only FWJ-designated coloring companies can be used for coloring. For reservations, etc., please contact the designated supplier directly.
    If you have had your hair colored, you must receive a certificate of coloring from the coloring company and submit it on the day of the contest.
    Since the coloring liquid is spray-tanned at each salon and washed off in the shower before coloring, please be sure to wash off any liquid that has not penetrated the skin in the shower before entering the venue. Sweat on the day of the event may cause the color to fall off. Colors and oils applied by oneself are absolutely prohibited (products with Vaseline as the main ingredient are also prohibited).

    List of vendors supporting this contest

AUG 22nd (Scheduled to begin in the afternoon)Please note that there will be no player registration on the 23th and 24th.
Athlete Check-in

For all division.
Scheduled to start in the afternoon
All backstage passes, etc. will only be accepted on the 22nd.

AUG 23rd

Wellness・Figure・Women’s Physique・Men’s Physique

8.23 Register【English】

8.23 出場登録【日本語】

AUG 24th

Bikini・Classic Physique・Bodybuilding

8.24 Register【English】

8.24 出場登録【日本語】