About application for photography/coverage permission

November 24th (Friday)25th (Saturday)26th (Sunday)Held at Bellesalle Shibuya Garden, If you wish to film or cover Olympia Amateur Japan or Japan Pro (hereinafter referred to as this event), you will need to complete an application procedure.
Please be sure to read the guidelines below and complete the application procedure.

This time, we have received a large number of inquiries regarding photo shoot applications, and we have determined that the current wide-area regulations for this event may pose a hindrance to the event itself. Furthermore, in order to ensure fair consideration for each player, we will impose some restrictions. The scope of these restrictions applies to all parties except management and sponsors.

In order to run the contest as a more attractive event without any accidents or troubles, please understand this before applying for photography.

Media application guidelines

After applying, those (companies) who have been granted photography permission will be contacted separately by the secretariat (this will not be an automatic reply email).
※Those who are approved will reply by the 21st
Scope of photography permission application
The application for filming permission for this event applies to contest filming using all video shooting equipment, excluding smartphones and tablet devices.
Not all filming and interviews will be approved.
There are restrictions on photography and coverage of this event. Application alone will not give you permission to film or interview. Approval from the secretariat is required.
Number of cameras
The number of cameras is limited to one per company and per player.
Shooting range
Please check the shooting range for the contest shoot below. Shooting outside the specified range is not possible.

The area filled in red and green is the area where you can shoot.
Shooting area

Photography at the contest venue
The hall where this event will be held is filled with a large number of people, including spectators, staff, and related parties, and the audience seats are spread out all the way to the very front of the stage. For these reasons, please refrain from taking pictures with single-lens reflex cameras, etc. outside the “photography areas” listed above. Photographers who do not abide by the above-mentioned areas may be asked to leave the event venue, so we ask for your cooperation in complying with the rules.
Receiving photography permit/bibs
If you have received permission, please be sure to wear the bibs distributed by the secretariat at the venue on the day of the event before taking photos. Photography permits and bibs cannot be handed out to those who have not applied in advance or if verification cannot be made.

    • After applying, the secretariat will contact only those who have been approved separately (this will not be an automatic reply email).

    Please fill out the necessary information and apply for video shooting permission.

    必須Applicant's name

    Company name

    必須Photographer's name

    必須email address

    Please enter again for confirmation

    telephone number

    必須purpose of use

    必須Posting URL

    Please enter the URL where the video you shot will be posted. Please be sure to fill in the first one.
    The first one:

    Other questions

    Terms of use regarding photography

    Please observe the following precautions regarding video shooting. If a violation is found, we will stop video recording, and in some cases, you will be asked to leave the venue and the video recording will be deleted on the spot.

    • Video shooting permits are only available to those approved by the FWJ office.

    • The ID number will be written on the video recording permit.

    • Video shooting permit: One piece of equipment is allowed per ID.

    • We will not reissue tickets if they are lost or issue them on the day of the contest.

    • At the reception on the day of the event, please present your ID and video recording permit to confirm the identity of the person taking the video. If the identity of the videographer cannot be verified, the video will be invalidated.

    • During video recording, you may be asked to present your identification card and video recording permit for verification.

    • If the staff asks you to show your video shooting permit, please be prepared to show it immediately.

    • If the videographer violates the precautions, the issuance of videography permits for the contest will be suspended from now on.

    • Do not use power outlets inside the venue.

    • Do not record videos that will interfere with other spectators' viewing experience.

    • If you are asked to confirm the content of the video recording, please promptly follow the instructions of the staff member.

    • Do not record inappropriate videos.

    • Do not use video footage for inappropriate purposes.

    Agree to terms of use regarding video shooting

    If the information you have entered is correct, please click the send button below. We will send an "automatic reply email" to the email address you entered.

    Please note that if you enter an incorrect email address, the "automatic reply email" will not be sent.

    After applying, the secretariat will contact only those who have been approved separately at a later date.