Consent to participate in the contest

The requirements to qualify for the national pro qualifier are as follows

  1. You must be a Japanese (Be registered in the basic resident register of Japan)
  2. Military personnel residing on a U.S. military base, regardless of length of stay, are required to show military identification.
  3. Non-Japanese nationals must present their residence permit and passport to prove their residency and confirm their period of stay.
  4. A foreigner who has a residence permit and has been in Japan for more than 90 days. (Even if your permanent domicile and country of citizenship are in Japan and you have a place of residence, you must have resided in Japan for 90 days or more before September 5th.)
  5. In order to meet the requirements for competing in an NPC Worldwide Japan National Pro Qualifier, SOFA personnel must provide Military or Civilian ID card plus either passport or copy of document from personnel record showing arrival on station in Japan, at least 90 days prior to competition date.
  6. You must be registered for NPC Worldwide cards.

All the participants who correspond to the above

  1. You must have competed in the FWJ (NPCJ) Regional Show after October 1 of 2019.
  2. You must have participated in 2020 Regional show on March 22, August 8, August 15, and August 29, or you must participate in the Regionals Show on the morning of September 5.
  3. Foreigners who compete in the National Pro Qualifier are also considered Japanese and must have participated in the Regional show.
  4. Athletes who participated in Musclecontest Tokyo January 13 2020 must have and submit Official Regional Certification from executive office.