Media credentials

If you want to cover and shoot the Olympia Amateur Japan & Japan Pro and related events, you need to apply for permission in advance.
Please be sure to read the following guidelines and submit your application form.

Media Application Guidelines

Not all applications will be approved.
Media credentials and photo passes are limited; please remember this is only a request.
All applications must be submitted by Thursday, November 10, 2022.
Applications submitted after November 10, 2022 will not be accepted.
You must be on assignment to cover japan pro weekend.
You must have a confirmed assignment to cover the Olympia Amateur Japan & Japan Pro. Media credentials and photo passes will not be provided for spec photography, freelance writers not on assignment or portfolio photographers.
Credentials are for media representatives only.
Personal assistants, associates, guests or other similar staff employed by media outlets do not qualify for media credentials. Guests or family members traveling or attending with journalists do not qualify for media credentials.
Receive Press Pass
If you are approved, please print a letter of permission and present it together with the ID with your photo (Driver’s license / passport) at the reception desk of the venue on the day. If you can not verify you can not get the press pass.
Japan Pro defines “Media” as journalists, photographers, editors or producers who have a verified and specific editorial assignment to cover the festival for a specific, recognized media outlet (print, online, radio, TV) that generates original articles or reviews about the festival.
National Media Outlets
Everyone interested in covering Japan Pro Weekend must complete the official application form and requirements. All applications are carefully screened.
Freelance Print Media
We will not accept applications from freelance writers or photographers who are not on a confirmed assignment. An editor’s letter must be emailed to on publication letterhead at the same time as your application or it will not be considered.
Photographers must be on assignment. All applications are carefully screened. No spec photography, portfolio photography or personal website photography.